Welcome!  I'm Cynthia and this is my site.   When I picked up the camera again after many, many years of absence,  I had no idea it would become such an important part of my day to day life.  I have been described (by various individuals) as adaptable, flexible, creative,  detail oriented,  adventurous, thrill seeking, introspective, and resourceful.  What do these traits have to do with my photography? A good bit, I've discovered.


Adolescent Osprey

Adolescent Osprey

We spotted each other while I was paddle boarding on the back waters of the Potomac River. The nest was located on an abandoned pier.

      Most folks pursuing a  photography vocation/ avocation pick their photo passion and stick with it--eventually becoming an expert in their particular genre of choice.   I'm not one of them, at least not for now.  I am drawn to what intrigues and/or amuses me.   I am delighted to capture two big old and muddy snapping turtles in the throes of an ancient mating ritual.  I’m also charmed by paintings and etchings for sale on a square in Old Québec City.   Then there was the fairy at the Ren Faire whose reflection was captured inside one of her life-size bubbles.   And, of course, the glorious sunsets (and sunrises), ornate iron work juxtaposed on a bright red church door, planes flying over the moon, and adolescent osprey giving me their best attempt at a "stare down."  Florescent orange toad stools, a hump-back whale named Snow White, the Great Wall  packed with native Chinese tourists looking  like a long, twisting tail  fading into the distant mist, a babies last tear before he falls to  sleep....and the list goes on and on. 

           Every time I make a photograph I learn something new about how the camera interprets light.   I gain clarity on how I see my world and how I can best share that "vision" through photography.

          It didn't take me long to learn to keep it simple.  I  prefer working with natural (existing) light whenever possible.  

          I hope the subjects of my photos strike your fancy as they did mine.  Check back from time to time as I'll continue to update the site with my current, most-favorite photos .    Plus, I hope to educate a little along the way.  I will share the tidbits I learn about the subjects of my photographs; such things as the mating cycles of those snapping turtles, or why we should care that 9 acres of Tangier Island is washing away with each year  that passes.

          Thanks for stopping by.  I'm in the process of creating a travel/photography blog.  It's almost ready to launch.  I'll provide the link as soon as it is complete.  In the meantime you can reach me through lodensgreen@live.com.   I'd really like to hear your impressions of my work.


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